Larry Reidy's America

Larry Reidy’s America

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My guests are great Americans from all walks of life who will share with our audience their success and balancing their family life. I hope everyone listening to the podcasts will feel like they are sitting at the table with the guests and myself.

Batesville Shooter and Friends front cover

Batesville Shooter and Friends

A new book about gun reviews, shooting accessories, and gun-related advice. Available now!

My Quest - Front Cover

My Quest for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from 1939-2019

My journey through this great game of life -- I have been blessed with an interesting and rewarding life, and I hope anyone who reads this book enjoys it.

Posted on April 28, 2024

Hickok 45 Shoot Around

Posted on December 10, 2023

Larry Reidy’s America podcast with Oldenburg Academy Seniors.

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