Batesville Shooter and Friends

My first edition of Batesville Shooter and Friends is available for pre-orders. My initial run of books is 2,000, and 100 are numbered. The first person that orders 10 books for gifts will receive signed book #1. I will personalize and send gift cards with the books.  Number 2-10 will go to the next 9 multiple book orders. The remainder of the 90 numbered books will go to the next 90 pre-orders. Pre-order books at,, text, or call 812-871-4224.I hope that all my Facebook friends will forward this post to their Facebook friends. I have always tried to make economic decisions in business that made sense. My book has approximately two hundred fifty photos, and to save quite a bit of money, the smart move was to have a Chinese printing company do the printing and binding. My principles took over my decision-making. My book was printed in our great Country, and I will continue to be guided by my principles, not by financial gain.Batesville, Greensburg, and multi-book buyers when ordering, if you check pick-up, there will be no shipping charge for Batesville- my home is listed and you have my number where we could meet and I will have a place in Batesville for pick-up. Greensburg pick-up at Greensburg Motorsports and Mult-book buyers going to one address, I am sure that I can get a more favorable rate.

My website is set up to process the credit card payment on pre-orders. If anyone is uncomfortable paying in advance, My phone number and email are listed in the above text and I would be glad to take your information and process your payment when the book is delivered or picked up.

Larry Reidy

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