Book Sales

I am attempting to market my book and future book in an unconventional way. I want to personalize every book that I sell by signing each copy. I have two locations in Batesville and one in Greensburg Indiana selling the book. If anyone purchases a book at any of the locations listed, I will make arrangements to sign the books if the reader wants a signed copy. I am very grateful for friends and people from Facebook and people that purchased a book from referrals. I cannot thank The Batesville Liquor Company and The Batesville Public Library enough for allowing me to have a book signing at their locations. The Corona Virus really hurt the sales of my book because, like most elderly people, Nancy and I have been very cautious about mingling with our friends and going out to dinner.

I made some mistakes writing my first book because I didn’t know about my best writing friend, Grammarly premium. My second book using Grammarly premium will keep me from making dumb ass mistakes. I have received 130-150 wonderful reviews through Facebook, email, messenger, phone calls, and cards. I have found ten of the reviews and I am asking everyone who gave me a review to post it on my website. After reading the reviews, I want to share my life experiences and I hope that especially the younger people will reflect on the lifestyle and priorities of previous generations.

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