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This is about gun reviews, accessories, and gun-related advice. Most of the reviews are from my website, Twenty-four friends posted reviews on their favorite firearm.  The book is available at retailers or from my website. I will take orders immediately, and you will have delivery options shown on the buy page. In the year of our Lord, 2020, 21 million guns were purchased in the United States. The segment of our population that experienced the largest growth was women. The 28% increase last year has statisticians guessing how many women own guns or have access to a gun. I believe 25-35% of women fit into the category of owning or access and will continue to grow. I am happy that some women have pre-ordered my book, and any woman or man that pre-orders a book, who is a beginner, would like to attend a gun safety class of mine in the fall, let me know. One gentleman who pre-ordered a book has a concealed carry permit, owns a gun, but needs a training class. He is number one on my list. The classes are free, and you do not have to pay for the ammo. I have always tried to make economic decisions in business that made sense. My book has approximately two hundred fifty photos, and to save quite a bit of money, the smart move was to have a Chinese printing company do the printing and binding. My principles took over my decision-making. My book was printed in our great Country, and I will continue to be guided by my principles, not by financial gain.   Larry Reidy

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The hardbound book is $29.95.

Book available from area retailers and, or email me at to order directly.  If you order a book from me, I will dedicate, sign, and ship books to you with a bill and a return envelope for you to send me a check.


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