My Quest for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from 1939-2019

About the Book

This book is about my journey through this great game of life. I have been fortunate to have a very interesting and rewarding life. This book was meant to be a journal for existing and future relatives, but a good friend of mine, Ted Snedeker who is an accomplished author, encouraged me to share the condensed version of my life with friends and the general public. I am not a professional writer, but I think most people will enjoy this book. I have to warn the prospective reader that I am very conservative and I wrote a few derogatory remarks about the Democrat Party.

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  • Excerpt from "My Quest"
  • Excerpt from "My Quest"
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The hardbound book is $24.95.  The quality paperback is $16.95.  

Book available from area retailers, or email me at to order directly.  If you order a book from me, I will dedicate, sign, and ship books to you with a bill and a return envelope for you to send me a check.


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