I am sending emails to every library in Indiana with photos of my books.

To: Public Libraries of Indiana

Hi, my name is Larry Reidy and I published my second book this year and finally received my order in the middle of August. Batesville Shooter and Friends is about gun reviews, gun safety, accessories, and gun related advice. I had a successful book signing September 10th and 11th, and several people told me that they were on a tight budget and ,at this time, couldn’t afford to buy the book. I hope that most branches will buy a book so everyone has the opportunity to read and enjoy my book.

 Please check out my website,

My publisher is Orange Frazier Press and I had the book printed in the states instead of China at an additional cost of $3,000.00 . 

 The Batesville Library has both of my books, the West Perry Branch will have one for it’s opening.

  I hope to hear from all the branches and I will pay for the shipping. Batesville Shooter and Friends is a hard bound book priced at $29.95, and my first book, My Quest for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness 1939-2019, is $24.95 for the hard bound copy $16.95 for the Paperback.  Order books at or text me at (812) 871-4224. I will send books with an invoice and return envelope. 


Larry Reidy 

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  1. Larry,
    The West Perry Library has the book and have sent it down town to get it entered into the system and will be on display very soon.
    The branch Manager was very excited to get the book.
    Phil Hadley

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