More than a Political Statement

I have to share the recent insanity of management in one of the truly great organizations for the military. I offered to donate 500 books {$15,000.00} to the USO at greater Cincinnati Airport for a Christmas present for the troops passing through in December. Their policy is not to have anything in their lounges that involves guns. Every veteran and active service member who I know was trained in the service on their primary weapon and have an interest in guns. I was regular Army for three years and reserve for three years, and the two worst days of the year when you are deployed are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Instead of celebrating with family and friends, you have your meal in a mess hall or in the field with your service buddies. I am so sick of the lunatic left ruining our great Republic, and some of corporate America and well-meaning organizations who are trying to appease the corrupt simpletons in Congress and the thugs, racists, and other shit-heads that roam the earth. I am going to send a copy of this to several conservative TV and radio personalities. It’s time to replace some of the nitwits who are making decisions that will not offend a minority of imbeciles.

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