Update on Batesville Shooter and Friends

Update on Batesville Shooter and Friends. The final approved version was sent to the publisher on April 17th. They forwarded the manuscript to the printing company in Tennessee and, sometime in May,I recieved loose leaf version and cover for final approval. This was my last chance to make any changes. Due to COVID-19, several printing companies were forced to close their doors, adding pressure to the larger printing companies. I made the decision to have my book printed by an American company instead of saving several thousand dollars by going to China. I hope to receive two thousand books by the end of July or the first week in August. All pre-orders will be filled immediately. If anyone wants to pre-order a book and you feel uncomfortable about ordering at larryreidy.net, text me at 812-871-4224, larryreidy@mac.com., Facebook messenger, or call me. I will need your address, how you want the book dedicated, and I will send you or make arrangements for local pickup. You can pay when you receive the book. I have numbers 8,9,and10 available for multi book orders and I still have numbers available for single orders. I am sorry for the delay, but we are living in some crazy times.

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