Banshee Review By Joe Hajik II, A Good Friend And Patriot


Joe Hajik II

     As most of us have or are about to establish our own personal and home security with a smattering of techniques, measures, and weaponry, in retrospect, we are executing our own Protective Service Operation (PSO). As we prepare, we (firearm savvy people) understand, study, and revere the characteristics of our weapons of choice, including the specific choice of a cartridge to extinguish the threat we face if necessary.  

Endless Scenarios roll through our minds to include a hopefully short confrontation equating to a cease of an attack for both but these days, the percentage of threats, home invasions, assaults, and road rage stemming from even a simple misunderstanding.

     I’m a huge proponent of concealed carry to protect my family. I started carrying the day I turned 21 years old here in Florida, and as I turn 55 years in short order, the necessity has grown extensively. Concealed carry is usually focused on our “outside the wire” mindset … meaning what we carry out on the street. Some think while at home, it’s safe. On the contrary, as we drive and return home, the PSO is still not over; it’s just a slightly different environment. Lord willing, none of us here desire to punch the ticket of any human being as I believe we are all children of God, and to snuff the life of another is not in our creed. If we are forced to protect ourselves, our family, or another being attacked with the possibility of severe injury or death, regrettably, deadly force can be necessary.

     Without detailing an entire novel, I will provide a seeming “reader’s digest” version to save space. In doing so, I’ll use one example as we vector forward because I feel it can relate to our current drug-crazed society. As we witnessed in Somalia circa 1992-1993, drug-crazed militiamen’s transition from a vertical to a horizontal status by way of the 5.56 or 9mm NATO Ball cartridges were at times as effective as an ice pick inflicting minimal critical vital organ or bloodletting damage, necessary to stop the threat. During the post-Somali operation, several units exercised their after-action reports and opted for a heavier cartridge for the proverbial knockdown power required. (I’m sure you get the point or have heard these stories in much deeper detail, but that’s another time.) Yes, BALL ammo and not-so-accurate shots were part of the problem. However, a heavier cartridge can and will enable that initial blunt shock to cease an aggressor long enough to either stop the aggression or, if need be, provide an awkward momentary pause to place another projectile perfectly in the bifocal region if required.  

The point being, arming ourselves to defeat a seeming worst-case scenario of a “drug-crazed” intruder who feels nothing… so, in MY humble opinion…you don’t use a hammer … you use a sledgehammer. If I can cease an attack using 1 -2 rounds vice seeing these ludicrous tik-tok videos of spraying and praying, we retain our responsibility as not just a responsible Second amendment professionals but to be the Protector and sheepdog of our family

     In performing my PSO for the homestead but not negate the matter of traveling and carrying by foot, car, or bicycle. I focus on that heavy-hitting cartridge in a small package with a good bit of capacity by way of a Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) venue. There are numerous Pros and Cons to MY theory from the masses; however, this article just showcases MY choice. I have always been a fan of the 10mm cartridge. Honestly, I have to relate my 10mm envy to the FBI response to the 1989 Miami shootout and the mindset that a hot and heavy cartridge can be a great advantage in the urban environment (but accuracy is final). I’d include that I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a Bren Ten fan by Miami Vice. I have been lucky enough to own several 10mm platforms and harvest a few deer ranging from 20-45yds.

    After having many AR platforms, Carbines, the CMMG brand, spoke for itself. The expert fitting and high-end AR expectations did not disappoint. Crisp 5lb trigger, a short package, and the hard-hitting 10mm definitely fit my bill. Light recoil and very tight groups out to 35yds is enjoyable to shoot. The price was a bit salty, yet you get what you pay for these days. I sourced this model (cmmg banshee 300 in 10mm) roughly a year ago, and she has been pulling duty since then with no complaints from myself or my family. 

     The round choice (180gr v-crown Sig 10mm) is designed for the heavy-hitting “flying ashtray” with the ability to digest FMJ and JHP rounds without a hiccup in 350 rds sent down range. Factory Glock magazines are the ideal requirement, yet aftermarket hi-capacity magazines work equally. The surefire light is my choice in low light use to include the Sig SAUER Romeo 5 to point the way. The Banshee weighs in @ 7.7 lbs with the 25rd magazine and slightly less with a factory 12rd Glock mag. The 25″ length allows for the feasibility of stowing and stuffing into a small backpack for egress and “truck gun” type scenarios. 

     There are plenty of PCCs out there, but after owning numerous, I can attest that the CMMG platform is the best I have ever used. 

     Opinionated articles are fine to entertain, but a bit of proof with pictures has validity. So, in the images provided, you will see part of the mindset and the scenario, some range time, and a potential theatric scenario that needs no definition. So, I hope this opinionated reading finds you all well. Thank you all for reading, I hope this potentially helps you, and if not, it’s all good. I do this for the love of my friend and former awesome neighbor Larry Reidy who we miss here in Florida.

Larry, may your projectiles pierce not only the X ring @ 500 yds but penetrate the armor balloon of the happiness, spreading smiles across your face again and again…

Thank you… your neighbor on PCB

JOE HAJIK II … and family




IDPA/IPSC/3 GUN Competitor

NRA LEO handgun/shotgun Instr.


MSGT of 25YRS AD USAF (9 of which deployed)


  • IRAQ

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