Batesville Shooter and Friends

I am sick of all the corruption in Washington and, when I post my political views, conservative people usually agree with the posts. The liberals, who can read, either ignore them or unfriend me. I am going to back off my political post and concentrate on my book sales.
I want to thank everyone who purchased my first book for the excellent reviews. I hope that I can promote Batesville Shooter and Friends, with your help, to be well received nationally. I think the Second Ammendment is the most important right that we, as a Nation, have. We certainly cannot rely on this imbeclic administration’s attitude toward law enforcement to protect us. If my book saves one life, it will be worth the time and expense that it takes to write, publish, and print a high quality book. I am expecting the delivery of my first printing of two thousand books to arrive by the end of July or the first part of August.
I hope everyone has a wonderful fouth of July. Remember, if it weren’t for George Washington and his citizen soldiers, we would have tea and crumpets at Happy Hour instead of beer and chips.

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