Batesville Shooter and Friends-Stellar Review

I have posted this review under Batesville Shooter and Friends, but I want to share this with everyone going to I have received excellent reviews on my book, including one from Ted Snedeker, a friend, and a fantastic published author. The review that I received today is from J. Scott Payne, an internationally published author of many books. I often wondered if Ted’s reviews were flattering because of our friendship or if he enjoyed both books. I have not had the pleasure of meeting or talking to Scott, and I am overwhelmed by his review.

A buddy recently sent me a book that ought to be titled, Firearms in Flyover Country. It’s not a novel, but a kind of a manual of firearms owned by men and women in middle America.

It’s beautiful, packed with full-color photos of a host of beautiful rifles and pistols. The actual title is Batesville Shooter and Friends. The author is 82-year-old Larry Reidy of Batesville, Indiana. The contributing friends are fellow firearms enthusiasts from Indiana and several other states lying along the chilly side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Mr. Reidy does not claim to be being a weapons expert. It’s just that he’s carried firearms since before he was a U.S. Army military policeman, and he owns a heck of a lot of guns. Moreover, he has honest opinions about those weapons — be they Weatherbys, Henrys, CZs, Springfields, Rugers, Glocks, and so forth – and he uses this book to express those views. So do his friends. Oh, do you, as a starter, want insight about buying safes, zeroing scopes, firing Bullpups, choosing concealed weapons for women, and so forth? 

I recommend Reidy.

It’s his second book, by the way. The first — My Quest For Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, from 1939-2019 – seems especially appropriate nowadays. 

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