Batesville Shooter and Friends

I have committed to Orange Frazer Publishers to print 1500 books. If I had chosen a lesser amount, the retail price would make it impossible to break even. When the book is published, I hope everyone enjoys the book, and I will need help to sell this book. I want to thank everyone who contributed with their reviews. I am shooting for a release by Father’s Day.

Update: January 15, 2021

I am running behind on writing my new book. Most of my photos were taken by my iPhone, and the publisher told me that they are good for computers but not good enough for High Gloss photos for my book. I am taking new photos with my 20-megapixel camera. I plan on submitting the completed book to Orange Frazer Publishing Company by March 15, 2021. The publisher will format the book, suggest changes, and send the finished product to me for approval. My new target date for Batesville Shooter and Friends to be available for purchase is June 2021.

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