Double Tap Derringer

Sample review from Batesville Shooter and friends.

I am reposting this for anyone who might be thinking about purchasing a small Derringer. I won a Double Tap 9mm derringer from an FOP raffle a few years ago. My first thoughts were an excellent design, two-shot over and under pistol that is about the size of a deck of cards, storage for two rounds in the grip, weighs about thirteen ounces, and drops in a pocket. My second thoughts were, I bet the recoil is awful, and who would want a concealed carry pistol with just two rounds. To evaluate my FOP winner, I had to shoot this beast. The recoil was worse than I imagined. It hurt so bad that if I was in a defensive situation and fired two rounds and had to reload to fire two more rounds, I would probably wonder if I might feel better getting shot than returning fire. I will never fire this pistol again, and I would never sell it because I wouldn’t wish this Derringer on my worst enemy. There are YouTube videos that are worth watching to see the reaction after shooting the Double Tap at a range.

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