Honor Flight

Most of my friends know that I think my fellow veterans, active and reserve Armed Forces, are, along with other great people, the heart and soul of our great Country. One of the great experiences of my lifetime was participating in an Honor Flight in 2017. On November 22nd, 2021, I spoke with the director of the Tri-State Honor Flight and offered to donate Batesville Shooter and Friends to the four flights planned for 2022. She accepted and was extremely grateful. There are 90 people per flight. I also committed to Honor Flight Columbus on December 10th. If anyone wants to donate 1- 10 books at $29.95 per book for Honor Flight Columbus, it will bring a great deal of gratitude from participating Veterans on their Honor Flight. A thank you for your service card will be enclosed in each book you purchase, and your receipt will show Honor Flight Columbus. It’s my understanding that your donations will be tax-deductible, but check with your tax preparer. I knew that Honor Flight Columbus was more active than Tri-State, but I didn’t realize that 2021 consisted of 8 flights(1200 Veterans}. To donate, call me at 812-871-4224 or send a check to Larry Reidy-books for Honor Flight Columbus 76 East County Rd. 1250 North, Batesville, Indiana 47006.

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