Larry Reidy’s America Podcast

I really appreciate everyone who is listening to my podcasts. I can’t say enough about the amazing guests that have taken the time out of their busy lives to record a podcast. I hope they have told their relatives to download their podcast so 100 years from now, their ancestors will listen to interesting lives and not just look at old photos. My Next Monday podcast will be published on June 12 and is a recap of all my guests. I think when you know more about my guests, who you have no idea who they are, you will listen because all of my guests are interesting, exceptional, and great citizens. I want to remind everyone that I do not monetize the podcasts, so there will be no commercials, and my mistakes will not be edited out of the podcast. I have two other podcasts, and editing takes longer than doing a podcast. I have a favor to ask; if you have the time, please subscribe to my podcast on whatever site you listen to. It will change the algorithm and be featured once in a while. The podcast has listeners in 42 states and 14 countries.

 I started the podcast on Sept 14, 2022, with the idea of sharing with listeners with normal everyday people who are the backbone of our great republic.

 Monday podcasts are interviews with great guests, Thursday podcasts are whiskey and Beer tastings with my co-hosts Steve Ollier, Greg Deerburg, and Mike Spreckelson, and Saturday is devoted to gun reviews. All 67 podcasts are available at and all the popular podcast sites.

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