List of Podcasts through January 2023.

Thank everyone for listening to my podcast “Larry Reidy’s America.” My upcoming podcasts through January are listed below. Every new episode starts on Monday at 6:00 A.M.

#17 12/19: Rueben Hunt-GM at Gillman’s Hardware and Building Supplies and part of the excellent podcast “Cross the Line 15/24”.

#18 12/26: Scott & Jill Weisebach-are an adventurous couple who have accomplished that most people would not attempt at any age, including Scott reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on his 60th birthday.

#19 01/02: Scott Lamping-President of Hirt & Ellco, an excellent Batesville Company plumbing, electrical, furnaces, parts, generators, and other services. The company has been in for 51 years and has outstanding employees.

#20 01/09: Duane Bischoff- small business owner, beekeeper, and a member of the excellent podcast”Cross the Line 15/24.

#21 01/16: Phil Hadley-an avid hunter, and gun enthusiast, with a career in construction, and one of my friends in my book “Batesville Shooter and Friends.”

#22 01/23: Ron Weigel-funeral director at the Weigel Funeral home established in the 1880s.

#23 01/30: Nancy Reidy, Jill Reidy, and Meg Reidy: Three generations of Registered Nurses.

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