I will have a weekly podcast starting in September with a new guest for each episode. My guests will all be great Americans from all walks of life who will share with our audience their success and balancing their family life. In my opinion, success is being a good human being who cares about his fellow Americans. My podcasts will not be monetized, so there will be no commercials. I have invited 30 guests, and 26 are definite, and one is reluctant because he said he thought he wouldn’t have anything to say. When I told Nancy about my loss of word friend, she couldn’t stop laughing. Update-Reluctant guest is onboard. Most of the broadcasts will be recorded, but once I get used to the preparations for a podcast and I get a faster internet provider, I want to do some live broadcasts with audience participation. I hope everyone listening to the podcasts will feel like they are sitting at the table with the guests and myself.

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