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 With the onslaught of Sig Sauers’s groundbreaking 365 platform in 2018, this little blaster virtually rocket the CCW realm with its high capacity yet a small very capable frame platform that does not disappoint the masses. Sure, there are several like platforms yet the 365 leads the way in innovative designs and features that other manufacturers are seemingly left catching up on. My first exposure (double take) to this new platform was during Shot Show 2019 while performing kit research for USAF. Surprisingly, the booth I first laid eyes on was the Holosun Booth which had the 365 affixed with a new dot reticle yet to be released to the public.

     Since that fateful day, I have been blessed enough to have owned a few of those 365s and neither one provided any disappointment; 365 (standard), 365 SAS, 365 XL, and the current 365 MACRO. I was not able to acquire the 365 Spectre Comp; however, after acquiring the MACRO, I do believe that I have not missed anything. In any CCW platform, there are considerations and concerns that we ‘” the armed”, can effectively employ the weapon and achieve somewhat the same results as our range day ventures and potentially not risk many factors with such a pocket rocket. 

     So why do we choose specific platforms that are either compact or ultra-compact, ,well honestly and first off, carrying a firearm is of course a massive responsibility. To carry a firearm for relatively long to very longtime frames become a burden of comfort. Heavier is not always better and vice versa. At the end of the day, you will carry and practice with a platform that is comfortable to you potentially overlooking capability/effectiveness sometimes to include choosing the right platform based upon your attire. I see so many .380s out on the streets for these reasons; however, you have to ask yourself if you are at risk with a lower power cartridge. But that’s another story for another time.  In short, comfort is king and in my humble opinion, the 365 MACRO houses the collective needs for that close in a fight and the potentially longer shot.  

     We all understand the constant reminder from CCW instructors and experts on the typical encounter being roughly 12ft. Although those instructions are common, there is a percentage of longer and more accurate shot placement needed. Take for instance the recent bystander response, I won’t mention the name but the incident garnered a 40yd shooting response that retained 8 out of 10 hits on the perpetrator.  So, I wouldn’t say this is a commonality yet as in my mind I would question myself “…could I do that?…” And then goes the box opening of “…is my gun the right platform in case I need to execute 12ft to 40yds?…“ That very answer is left to you to crunch numbers on and hopefully drive more practice time for you.  For me, I’m feeling confident with my choice to execute not only the 12ft encounter but also the 40yd drill with the 365 MACRO. (oh, and yes I have successfully achieved 10/10 hits on torso B27 target.)

    As far as the range report from initial shots, I can attest that I was not disappointed as 17yds I was able to obtain 2” and 2.5” groups with a standing-to-hand grip.  You are probably wondering why only the 17yds for this report.  The indoor facility I utilized for this report maxed a distance of 17yds or 50ft; I will say that the facility I utilized to test was probably one of the best indoor ranges I have had the luxury of visiting located on Panama City beach. This facility was called the “Powder room”.

    Recoil and muzzle rise was part of the reasoning behind the ported 365s available. I teach a number of youth and men and female shooters who tend to be shocked with recoil. For this reason, I use a Glock 19C with a tungsten guide rod for these new shooters.  I have had great success with porting for this one of many reasons.  I relate this story to the 365 MACRO as the dual port compensator replicates the exact recoil and muzzle rise easement as the Glock 19C package in the aforementioned.  So, if muzzle rise or recoil is your concern, I can affirm that you will be pleasantly surprised by the sweet handling package.

     Along with any true test, one would expect to provide results with a common range round and in this case, I utilized a 115gr. Selliar & Bellot Jacketed.  The second part of that test would be to utilize the ammunition you plan to use for business. In my experience, I’m a fan of the Speer 124gr +P Gold dot Hollow Point. I use this defense ammo based upon dozens of test cases where this cartridge produced better expansion and grain retention due to it being a bonded projectile that eliminates case and bullet separation.

    In the targets pictured, you can see that there was not much devotion between the 2 cartridges’ culminating in the 2-2.5” groups. The target on the left identifies the 115gr full jacket and the left is the Speer GDHP. My 40yd target (not pictured) produced hits well inside the 7 ring (12” or less) grouping. In the concealability realm, I personally chose to customize my 365 MACRO by removing the stock grip frame and replacing it with a Wilson 365xl grip module.

   Plainly put, I’m not much for the appendix carry, nor the outside waistband or the inside waistband as those choices hinder my maneuverability and comfort in street clothes for summer attire. And never let the internal tough guy tell you that comfort is not king because it is. I personally carry 90% of my CCW weaponry is pocket carry. There are several reasons for that but that’s for another story for another day. I use the sticky holster which enables secure pocket carry and has served me well for more years than I can recall. The stock 365 MACRO can be a bit long in the grip which can be tough to keep from imprinting. So, my method of discreteness culminates in the MACRO affixed with the shorter Wilson grip coupled with a stock 12-round magazine yet the necessary backup 15 or 17-round magazine is stowed in the same ensemble.  Winter attire can differ my setup a bit but, in the end, testing both grip frames resulted in identical groups and reliability. So, I’d say that this MACRO is unintentionally modular with the help of Wilson. 

     To summarize, no matter your venue of carrying or set up, the 365 MACRO has definitely taken the best of all the offered 365s and truly has wedged itself into the CCW MVP.



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