Update on Batesville Shooter and Friends

Batesville Shooter and Friends will be shipped in August. My publisher, Orange Frazer Press, apologized for the delay and told me the printing company is working overtime to get books printed. It’s my understanding that Covid-19 caused so many small printing companies to close that the surviving companies are overwhelmed.When the books arrive, I will ship all pre-orders, set dates for a two-day book signing at Batesville Liquor Company, and establish retailers in surrounding towns, and Cincinnati and Indianapolis.If anyone wants to pre-order a book, larryreidy.net, text or phone me at 812-871-4224, or email larryreidy@mac.com. If you phone, text, or email, I will take your info and ship the book and send you the bill. I want to thank my friends who posted reviews in my book. I am posting their names in order of their reviews in my book. Ted Snedeker, Indiana Shooter and Collector, Jay Fledderman, Dale Enneking, Ron Reidy, Brad Mehlon, Eric Blanken, Jeremiah Volk, Bob Prophater, Scott Bollinger, Jake Baumer, Kevin Brogan, Greg Niese, Chaz Kaiser, Nathan Johnson, Phil Hadley, Jim Doyle, Walt Enneking, Tony Schantz, Bill Kotz, Brayton Deal, Bob Weiler, Kentucky Gun Collector, Mike Spreckelson.

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