Batesville Shooter and Friends Excerpt

Section 4:

Accessories, Shooting Aids, and advice:

 I want to start this section by explaining why I refer to YouTube on my reviews.  If a person is new to firearms, the YouTube channel has a lot of information and opinions of guns by people who, in my opinion, are experts, and they make their living on the Channel. For instance, if you purchased a new firearm and you want to clean the gun, type cleaning the model in the search box. I am listing some of my favorite channels on YouTube and Full 30.

 Hickok 45 has Five Million-Thirty-Five Thousand subscribers on YouTube and Forty-Three Thousand Six Hundred Fifty-one on Full 30. The reason for his unbelievable popularity is his ability to review guns for the novice and the expert.

 Jerry Miculek has One Million-Thirty-Four thousand YouTube subscribers. Jerry has a great personality and is one of the all-time great shooters. The speed and accuracy shooting revolvers, pistols, and rifles are uncanny.

Plinkster22 has Six Hundred-Fifty-Three thousand YouTube subscribers and Sixteen-Thousand, Ninety-Nine Full 30 subscribers. Great personality, incredible trick shots, entertaining, and very informative.

Iraqveteran8888 has Two Million Forty-two thousand YouTube subscribers and Thirty Thousand One Hundred Four Full 30 subscribers. His channel is informative, entertaining, and factual.

 Mrgunsngear has Four-Hundred Eight-Five thousand YouTube subscribers and Twenty-Two thousand Six-Hundred- Fifty -Nine Full 30 subscribers. Informative, entertaining, and technical.

 Sooch00 has One Million-Three thousand YouTube subscribers and Twenty-Six thousand Five-Hundred-ten Full 30 subscribers. Sooch00 channels are informative, entertaining, and technical.

 Military Arms has One Million Nine thousand YouTube subscribers and Thirty-Four thousand Eight -Hundred-Twenty-Nine Full 30 subscribers. The Military Arms Channel has One-Thousand-Twenty-Two videos with an incredible number of different firearms.

 Anyone who has an interest in guns should enjoy the videos that are available on YouTube and Full30. It’s hard to watch the crap on television and the movies that are available to the public.

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