Colt Anaconda

Excerpt from Batesville Shooter and Friends

Dale Enneking- Batesville, Indiana

A friend of mine, Dale Enneking, allowed me to borrow his Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum to shoot and review. His review of his classic revolver was short and sweet. He thinks the trigger, balance, sights, and accuracy are excellent. My review coincides with his with a few exceptions.

I was comparing the Anaconda to my Ruger Super Redhawk. I like the Anaconda better, except the Redhawk’s grips are wider and is a nicer fit for me. The gun is well made, but not the same quality as a Colt Python. Testing the Anaconda was a real pleasure! I was target shooting from 25-30 feet. During my first six rounds, I fired double-action while moving, and I was pointing and shooting. The photo of my target will show the six rounds to the left. The rest of my shooting was stationary, rapid-fire single action. The 44 Magnum is so accurate that I think if I had paused a few seconds before each shot, I would have destroyed the Bullseye. I like the gun, but due to the insane prices, I will probably never own one. Hickok 45 has an excellent video on YouTube on the Anaconda and the old and new Python.

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