Front Cover Photo for Batesville Shooter and Friends

Sandy Zeigler, a friend, and local Photographer, took several photos to have an excellent front cover. I picked the one that I think would draw the most attention to a prospective buyer. I want opinions on my choice, and please leave a comment. I have an idea for the back of the book, but I have not chosen a photo.

6 thoughts on “Front Cover Photo for Batesville Shooter and Friends”

  1. Good photo of you and the M-1. Should have put up a few more to choose from. But then again, I never wrote a book, never had to make a choice as your doing. But I’m sure it will be the right one. Keep up the great work Larry.

  2. I will post photos and ideas for the back of the book. I didn’t post more photos for the cover because I think the flame from the M1 is an eye-catcher.

  3. Bridgette Salatin

    This is perfect , I honestly couldn’t have pictured a better fit . Still need to read the first one grandfather !! Love you !!!

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