Tavor and Walther P99

October 9, 2020

IWI Tavor .223/ 5.56 and Walther P99

Chaz Kaiser- Batesville, Indiana

I have several guns, but I want to review my Tavor and Walther because I use both in the 2 Gun Competition. I will write about the competition later. My Tavor is manufactured in Israel and is a Bullpup rifle, a more compact AR15. The Tavor is used by Israel Military and Law enforcement and by several other countries. I have a 1X6X24 illuminated scope on the Bullpup, and it is excellent. Several people asked why I like the Tavor over a conventional AR15, and the reason is simple. In a self-defense situation in close quarters, I have the firepower and maneuverability. 

 The finish on the Bullpup is excellent, the Geissele trigger is outstanding, the accuracy is perfect, and the value is good. I recommend this firearm.

 My Walther P99 is no longer available, but I hope that I never have to replace it. The Walther’s Finish, Trigger, Accuracy, and Value are excellent. 

 My buddy, Walt Enneking, and I started the Tactical Shooter Alliance at Coon Hunter’s in Batesville four years ago. 
The Tactical Shooters Alliance is an organization that offers monthly defensive 2 gun matches to the affiliate gun clubs. Each club completes the same match under the official TSA rules and guidelines. Those match results are sent to TSA headquarters, where members of the TSA can view them and see not only how they finished against others competing at their club, but how they finished against every other TSA member in the nation! This model offers TSA members the opportunity to be ranked nationally and the chance to accurately gauge their ability and physically see in the match results data where they can improve and where they are performing well. If you’ve been looking for something new in the shooting sports world, the Tactical Shooters Alliance has a lot to offer you and your local gun club.

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