New Virus- Dumbass 81

I have a new virus that is linked to COVID 19. The mask, social distancing, semi-isolation, and eating out six times since February, instead of our normal ten times a month caused a virus that affects the brain. My virus is Dumbass 81! I talked to a psychiatrist, Dr. Scotch Rye Bourbon A.S.S, and he suggested four ounces of Boss Hog and Bookers for a chaser after I explained my latest episode. I went shopping at Indiana Gun Club In Fishers, Indiana and the results of this excursion are posted below. A Colt Python 357 Magnum, Smith and Wesson Performance Center 629-8 44 Magnum and an S&W PC Thunder Ranch 45ACP, and a Browning Buck Mark 22LR. I am not sure that there is a cure for my virus and I am not sure if I care. What a Dilemma!

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